Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Stuart Air Show

A beautiful weekend in Stuart for the spectators at the Annual Air Show at Witham Field. The partly cloudy skies provided just the right backdrop for the spectacular display of aerial prowess by daring pilots in modern as well as vintage aircraft. There was a full scale WWII battle reenactment including a parachute drop. Demonstrations by the Air Force F16 Viper, the Navy F18 Super Hornet as well as a variety of other daring aerobatic demonstrations, including the Navy Seals Leap Frog parachute jump with the American flag, and my favorite the AeroShell Aerobic team. I was using my new FujiFilm  XT2 with a 55-200mm lens this year and it was a learning experience, but I did get some good shots.

Click here for photos: