Thursday, October 23, 2014

Florida Wildlife Tour

We recently took a tour of the J&R Outfitters Ranch and Wildlife Tours in Indantown, Florida.
The swamp buggy tour, of the 4000 acre ranch which is both the largest native and exotic game preserve east of the Mississippi River and a working Florida cattle ranch. The ranch is teeming with exotic wildlife; including alligator, ibis, wild boar, water buffalo, crested cara cara, gopher tortoise, barasingha, eagle, Pere’ David’s deer, heron, red deer, sand hill crane, black buck antelope, wild turkey, Sika deer,  Nilgai antelope, quail, axis deer, sitatunga antelope, fallow deer.

While we did not see all the species that inhabit the ranch, our knowledgeable guide deftly maneuvered the high riding swamp buggy through the rough terrain ensuring the opportunity to photograph a variety of animals. Despite the bumpy ride we managed to capture some good shots with a 200 mm lens on my Nikon D5200.

Click for more photos: